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Getting To, and Around, Shetland

Getting To Shetland

By Air

Loganair operates frequent daily flights to Sumburgh Airport, Shetland, from Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness and Orkney, with onward connections to London and international destinations.

During the summer Loganair also operate flights between Bergen and Shetland.

Highlands and Islands Airport Ltd operates Shetland's main airport at Sumburgh, 25 miles south of Lerwick. The airport is on the bus service route and has a taxi rank and hire car desk. Free short-term and long-term parking is available at the airport.

Please note, although most flights depart and arrive on time, schedules can be disrupted by bad weather during the winter and fog during the summer - be prepared for delays.

Lerwick Harbour Click here to enlarge picture By Sea

Northlink Ferries operates an overnight car ferry service from Aberdeen to Lerwick, with departures seven nights a week, 12 months a year, in both directions. Extremely comfortable and well equipped with cinema, restaurant, café and two bars. You have the option of a modern en-suite, shared same-sex cabin or recliner seat. The journey takes between 12 -14 hours (some services stop at Kirkwall, Orkney, en-route). The ferry arrives in Lerwick 7.30 am

Getting Around

If you do not have your own transport - there are a number of car hire firms operating in Shetland, including Bolts, Grantfield Garage and Star.

Shetland is served by well-maintained two-lane roads. Single track roads with passing places generally serve the smaller communities, they too are of an excellent standard. Petrol and diesel fuel are widely available.

Inter-Island Flights

Within Shetland, Direct Flight operates inter-island flights to Fair Isle, Foula and Out Skerries, from Tingwall airstrip, seven miles west of Lerwick

Inter-Island Ferries

Shetland has many beautiful islands, and all have excellent, and frequent ferry services, on the busier routes. To find out ferry service times visit


Shetland Ponies Click here to enlarge picture The main bus station is located in Lerwick. There are regular services to the main communities. Remoter areas have less frequent services. For more information about bus services, click visit the Zettrans website.

Cycling & Motorbikes

Shetland has ideal roads, relatively low volume traffic and varied terrain; making it an interesting and fun way of seeing the islands. Bring your own bike or hire one when you arrive. Have a look at Shetland Wheelers Cycle Club for island cycling hints and tips. If you're a motorbike enthusiast you may be interested in coming over for the Simmer Dim Rally.

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